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European Production
Our production situated in Slovakia.
Complete solutions
Stairtreads / GRP Plates / GRP Mainholes / Mounting clips /GRP Profiles
Short Producing Time
Standard production mode - 140sqm/day. The intensive production mode are possible.
Multilingual techical support
We speak English, German, Slovak, Russian and Ukrainian.
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Please check new Production Certificates in DOWNLOADS: ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001

Our company produce Glass-fiber Reinforced Polymer (GRP) composites.
GRP products are made from special resin mix with fire retardant reinforced with continuous glass roving in two directions.
Benefits of Industrial usage of GRP
✔ High corrosion and chemical resistance
✔ Fire resistance
✔ Slip-resistance
✔ Multidirectional strength & Light weight
✔ Maintenance Free
✔ Approved for contact with drinking water
Benefits of Commercial usage of GRP
✔ High weather resistance
✔ Not fade, Not require painting
✔ Great visual effect
✔ Slip-resistant
✔ UV resistant
✔ Long life span
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Today, composite products can be found in many industrial facilities instead of metal or wooden structures. The main advantage of GRP products - combination of properties different materials. Properly installed, composite products meet specified load requirements for steel and has great corrosion resistance at the same time.
Water and Waste Water Treatment
Oil&Gas, Offshore, Shipbuilding
Food and Beverage
Fountains and Aquaparks
For Home and Garden
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Walkways & Covers
Stairways, Decking, Bridges, Catwalks
Access Platforms, Ramps
Equipment Mounting Solutions
Walls, Doors, Fences and Shelves
Sunscreen applications
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Concave GRP Gratings
Gritted Open Mesh Gratings
Conductive Open Mesh Gratings
Covered gratings with gritted top
GRP Stairtreads
Anti-Slip Floor Plates
Mounting Clips for GRP Gratings
Mounting Clips for Stairtreads
Clips for Covered Gratings
Full Conductive Open Mesh Gratings
Water and Waste Water Treatment
Oil&Gas Offshore, Shipbuilding
Electricity & Power Regeneration
Chemical Processing
Galvanising & Plating
Food & Beverage
Fountains & Aquaparks
For Home and Garden
GRP Structures & Engineering
Standard Cutting
Closed Edges Cutting
Extra color
Blocking Molds
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